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Birds Eye transforms the humble potato in new premium deli chips campaign

J. Walter Thompson Melbourne's new campaign for Birds Eye

Birds Eye is showcasing the transformation of the humble potato into deli chips in a new campaign by J. Walter Thompson Melbourne.

The campaign aims to challenge peoples perceptions of frozen food by showcasing the craftsmanship that goes into its premium chip range Birds Eye Deli Chips.

Director Simon Harsent and the production team created movie-like sets for the ad, which was shot at Sydney's Fox Studios. The sets featured 7m by 3m hanging backdrops that featured working mechanical sets and aimed to provide an added level of craft and quality. The campaign required one ton of dirt and 320 potatoes to create the finished product.

“We wanted to develop a creative platform for Deli that shifts people’s perceptions of the frozen food aisle. The concept of ‘prep’ moves the conversation to one of choice over convenience," said Jess Lilley, creative director, JWT Melbourne.

"With Harsent directing, we were able to beautifully execute our pride in the creation of a bloody tasty chip.”

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