Blake Griffin celebrates the playground for Jordan Brand in new 360 campaign

NBA player Blake Griffin is back on the playground in the newest campaign for the Jordan Brand, ‘Welcome to the Playground.’ He and rapper Fabolous are the stars of a 360 suite of marketing content from content agency of record Los York that represents a summertime ode to the magic of the community basketball court and surrounding culture.

Anchored by a central two-minute film and supported by a range of in-store, digital and social storytelling, the campaign honors the meaningful moments that take place at neighborhood playgrounds – specifically the basketball court – with a raw, authentic tone.

The film for the Nike brand is narrated by NBA All-Star and Jordan spokesperson Griffin, who sits in the bleachers at a playground reflecting on the variety of special moments that occur – both on the court and surrounding it.

In it, we hear state that the playground is the “beginning” for him, and for the people who play there, it is also the “classroom” and the “runway” (a reference to he and Jordan’s style of a long leadup to a dunk). It is also the “comedy club, the church…concert hall…and the place where dreams are born.”

Overlaid with stylized scenes of diverse groups of young people playing, socializing, and having fun, Griffin’s monologue crescendos as it becomes clear that these moments add up to the moments that define youth and self-identity and make the playground the gathering spot for many, including Fabolous and his son.

Playground was designed and executed by a single team. The campaign was born of one idea, one central creative vision, and one unified narrative. All the content, from digital and social, to lookbooks and retail collateral, was mapped from this singular platform and asset capture.

Los York set out to capture a love letter to the playground, and the campaign is an expression of Jordan's brand that connects nostalgia, Jordan’s heritage and the present.

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