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The Value of Mail in Uncertain Times

The Value of Mail in Uncertain Times


At a time of social, economic and political change, it’s important that every single message you deliver is trusted.

That’s why Royal Mail MarketReach has undertaken a number of initiatives to explore the reassurance and credibility delivered by various marketing channels.

Mail scores very highly in the key components of trust. A personal message delivered direct to someone’s home – like a letter or brochure – is seen as important, confidential and credible. Mail provides reassurance and supports your messages in other channels, increasing trust and driving response.

87% of customers rate mail as believable compared to 48% for email

70% of people say that mail makes them feel valued - up from 57% in 2013

Talk to Royal Mail MarketReach on 0800 014 2363 about including more mail in your marketing mix, or read their free report – it’s full of the latest data proving mail can help build reassurance and credibility.

Check out the free report.

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