By Taruka Srivastav, Reporter

August 1, 2017 | 3 min read

Mother Dairy increased content engagement and brand sentiment by using a social listening tool to create ads in real time, based on topics that its audience cared about.

The Indian ice cream brand used social listening tool Social CRM 24x7 to analyse moments their consumers were interested in talking about or reading. Based on the results, they made pieces of creative in real-time that fit the context.

According to WATConsult, the agency behind the campaign, the project resulted in a 42% increase in organic engagement across one year, and a 78% change in brand sentiment.

The Drum spoke with Randhir Kumar, general manager of marketing for Dairy Products at Mother Dairy Fruit and Vegetable about the campaign.

What was the marketing strategy behind this campaign?

Mother Dairy, being a consumer-centric organization, has always believed in maintaining a strong bond with its consumers. Over the years, we have engaged our consumers through various mediums which are evolving day by day. With product penetration going deeper into roots, brand’s engagement is also rising to all possible mediums, wherein new age media is playing a pivotal role, especially with millennials. Taking this as a cue, the strategy was to devise a way in which we not only talk to our target group but also talk to them in a language that they converse in.

To summarise, our approach behind this route of moment marketing is to build a connect with the audience, strengthen that community and curate content with fun quotient because of course, it's Ice Creams! Ranging from international shows, movie releases to memes and internet sensations, we covered it all. Just with simple art, some copy and limited but precise ad spend.

How does this change from the brand's previous strategy?

Social media as a platform is continuously evolving. The key is to be an early adopter of these evolving moments and try to relate them with the brand attributes. With evolving media consumption trends, today the communication strategy being made in relation to new-age content is not only giving traction but is also becoming a new means of initiating conversations between the brand and its consumers.

How will this inform future marketing?

There will always be a trending topic doing the rounds on social media or news. With a never ending path of trends, we shall look at widening the strategy of leveraging the trends or the chatter of certain topical moments and fit in our products accordingly, which shall help us to put the brand in focus again and again in a larger way.

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