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Peta salutes Ikea, Habitat and Monsoon for vegan homeware

Peta salutes Ikea, Habitat and Monsoon for vegan homeware

Animal rights campaign group Peta has honoured some of the world’s leading homeware brands for their efforts to embody vegan design in their products at the organisation's inaugural Vegan Homeware Awards.

Ikea, Habitat and Monsoon are among those to be recognised for ending, as far as is possible, all forms of cruelty and exploitation to animals in the creation of their goods.

In this vein Ikea was recognised for its faux-sheepskin rug while Rockett St George was recognised for its vegan sofa and Monsoon picked up a nod for their feather-free cushion.

Established in recognition of ‘soaring’ interest in vegan lifestyles, with 542,000 people in Britain alone now thought to have adopted animal-free diets, the awards seek to honour those brands and designers which have gone out of their way to cater for this fledgling market.

Peta director Elisa Allen commented: “Home is where the heart is – and compassionate consumers are driving the demand for beautiful vegan homeware. Forward-thinking designers are experimenting with sustainable and cutting-edge vegan materials and offering a great variety of cruelty-free choices to suit every home and budget."

A new breed of enterprising designers are making use of unconventional materials to stand apart from the competition; including Simon Kearn who picked up an innovation award for a chair made from recycled leaves and bio-resin.

More controversially Peta claimed in a recent advertising campaign that vegans enjoy a better sex life, arguing that a carnivorous diet can 'interfere' with your performance in bed.

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