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By John McCarthy | Media editor

July 28, 2017 | 2 min read

Umbro is getting meta with a witty ad campaign that strips back the technical terms it has constructed around its new Medusae II football boots thus showing how all great scripts come to pieces when the acting talent gets a hold of them.

Tim Grimble, supposed Umbro boot designer, in great detail describes his new product to Umbro ambassador and Beşiktaş defender, Pepe, before learning that the Portugese does not speak English. Pepe, dependent on his translator condenses the ad pitch into ‘Speed’ and ‘Touch’ – adding a level of humour absent from rival ads in the sector.

Dave Palmer, executive creative director, said: “A lot of football brands behave in similar ways and consumers are becoming weary of it. Umbro gave us the opportunity to cut through the tech nonsense within the category and we are very excited to bring that to life.“

Helene Hope, head of global brand operations at Umbro, added: “Love came to us with a fun and interesting way of simplifying technological language around football boots. Thanks to the humour injected through Rob and Pepe’s performance, I’m sure football fans will really enjoy it.”

Apparently ‘sushi’ is Portugese for ‘comfortable’, according to the three minute video from creative agency Love.

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Umbro: Pepe gets to know the new Medusae II' by LOVE

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