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Quilted Northern sees its toilet paper turned into a chic wedding dress

Every year for the past 13 years, toilet paper has experienced its 15 minutes of fame in the form of the Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest.

Presented by Cheap Chic Weddings, this year’s 13th annual contest received more than 1,500 wedding dresses made entirely from toilet paper, glue, tape and thread. After 10 finalists showcased their work at a finale event in New York City on July 20, Kari Curletto of Las Vegas was crowned the winner.

While Charmin has typically been the sponsor of the event, this year Quilted Northern nabbed the sponsorship from its rival TP maker — meaning all dresses were concocted using the Georgia-Pacific brand’s toilet paper.

To celebrate its newfound sponsorship, Quilted Northern and its agency Droga5 created a tongue-in-cheek video that tells the story of a small-town roll of toilet paper who dreams of bigger things. In the video, a voiceover explains that “this wedding season, this roll is going to discover she is not just designed for comfort” while triumphant music plays in the background and she sets off on her journey to become a wedding dress.

Since Droga5 won the Quilted Northern account a few years ago, the brand has rolled out a number of wacky stunts and campaigns to help it stand out from the competition. Earlier this year, Quilted Northern created a fake bathroom visit tracker called uSit for April Fool’s Day.

And for National Toilet Paper Day last year, the brand poked fun at the so-called “holiday” with a video titled ‘A Most Forgettable Holiday.’

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