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By John Glenday | Reporter

July 21, 2017 | 2 min read

Halifax, part of the Lloyds Banking Group, has launched a dedicated YouTube campaign targeted at 11-15-year old’s in a bid to show that it’s never too early to start thinking seriously about financial matters.

To help convey this message the bank has recruited a trio of teen YouTube stars; Ambi, Evie & Oscar, to speak directly to their audiences by way of a short video series in which they relay saving and spending advice while also communicating the basics of online safety.

Mindful not to exclude parents from the discussion Halifax, in conjunction with content agency Adjust Your Set, have thoughtfully also included a separate clip aimed at parents with a view to inspiring them to pick up the baton and lay the groundwork for their children’s financial security.

Doug Hurcombe, creative director of Adjust Your Set, said: “In turning to vloggers, Halifax has made a bold but smart move in recognising that content based on a genuine audience truth, not ATL, is the way to engage young people. Interruptive advertising and traditional channels simply won’t reach teenagers. With such a visionary commitment to content, Halifax is showing how the banking sector can follow a publisher model. I’m delighted they chose Adjust Your Set to help with this mission.”

Halifax turned to vloggers to spread its message after being impressed by the reach of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, where children post an average of 26 times each day.

Halifax enlisted the services of puppet butler Parker, long suffering manservant of Lady Penelope in iconic 1960's television series Thunderbirds to highlight wealth's transformative power.

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