By Kyle O'Brien | Creative Works Editor

July 20, 2017 | 2 min read

Luma, a home Wi-Fi system company, has enlisted the commanding presence of former Dos Equis ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’, Jonathan Goldsmith, for its latest campaign.

Luma is introducing its latest venture today (July 20), the Luma Guardian. Billing itself as the ‘world’s first personal IT team’, the subscription service is a personal concierge that manages a home network’s privacy, security and performance, while offering a tech expert on demand.

The video ad to promote the service stars Goldsmith, still looking much like an interesting man, though without the accent. It starts with a cartoon representation of Goldsmith holding a mobile device with the wording “Ask Jonathan interesting tech questions”.

Goldsmith is then introduced on screen with traditional Mexican music (a nice wink to his past incarnation for Dos Equis), to answer a series of questions with confident and fairly humorous, light-hearted answers.

To the question “Is privacy that important? I mean, what do I have to hide?”, Goldsmith replies: “Look, just because you don’t take nude selfies or belong to a group that’s plotting world domination, it doesn’t mean you don’t need privacy.”

He then spouts off about all the things you’ve ever put on the internet, from credit card numbers to silly queries like, “How many chains does 2 Chainz have?” and “How does one do the stanky leg?”

He then touts the privacy benefits of the Luma system before asking people to tweet him at @jonathanatluma because “I’m here to help”.

The ad drives the importance of home internet privacy and all that Luma Guardian has to offer, including tech services surrounding Privacy VPN, Device Antivirus, ISP Speed Monitoring and Premium Support.

Learn about Luma here.

Luma: Ask Jonathan

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