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Dynamic video retargeting can improve CTR by 74%, and ROI by 49% when using video

Retargeting video increases ROI

Video retargeting has become more standard for enterprise businesses today, with an overall increase of 74% across industries, and an ROI boost of 49%. A recent research study by Treepodia concluded that dynamic video retargeting should be considered a key tool for B2B and B2C marketers.

The goal of the study was to measure certain key performance indicators on standard retargeting campaigns and on video retargeting campaigns over the course of one year. The results were based on millions of impressions. The percentages increased significantly when video was used, Treepodia found.

Some of the most dramatic industries were in the jewelry and gifts category with 100% increase in ROI and CTR. Home and kitchen saw a 39% increase in CTR and a 33% rise in ROI. The furniture industry saw a CTR increase of 86% and an ROI increase of 34%.

Retargeting customers who viewed products with dynamic video revisits potential sales or marketing outreach in a more engaging way and not surprisingly, the study shows a 47% increase in YouTube pre-roll view rates when using dynamic video retargeting versus generic remarking pre-roll .

The results of Treepodia's internal study suggest that agencies move to shorter video banner ads and investing more resources in video for mid-roll ads.

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