Driving growth in B2B sales and marketing increasingly tied to more navigable CRM tools

B2B sales professionals are increasingly asking for a better playbook citing they lack the power to share content with prospects and track them.

CRM is increasingly important among B2B marketers

In fact, according to a recent report in eMarketer, who cite 2017 data from digital marketing company Regalix and enablement platform ShareDemos, these sales and marketing professionals are actually looking for features that make their jobs easier.

According to a large share of respondents (76%) said they want quick navigable sales tools. Nearly half (48%) said they want the ability to create and edit content in a rapid manner, and 40% want the power to share content with prospects and track them.

The ability to integrate a sales enablement solution with customer relationship management (CRM) tools was also an important feature in the report, cited by roughly two-thirds of respondents.

Other desired features included having offline access, ready-to-use playbook templates and the ability to get secure access via single sign-on (SSO).

When it comes to marketing technology tools, B2B marketers have a host to choose from. Separate data from Leadspace, a Software as a Service (SaaS) lead generation company, revealed that the tools US B2B senior marketers find most valuable are CRM.

That’s not surprising given how popular CRM tools are, and how closely they are tied to B2B marketers’ goals of driving growth and leads.

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