By John McCarthy, Opinion Editor

July 18, 2017 | 2 min read

Leading porn purveyor Pornhub is focusing its newest marketing efforts on bringing the elderly into the digital age with a campaign that hopes to urge them to abandon bygone days retrieving smutty mags from the bushes and get online - while also practising safe sex.

Integrating a sex-ed dynamic, the company is using its time in the limelight to create a definitive health guide video for golden oldies, based on the back of research that states the demographic is still highly active in the bedroom.

Research claims that In the last decade, the number of chlamydia infections among people over 65 rose by over 30%, and new cases of syphilis by over 50%. The research goes on, but the brand has teamed up with industry veteran Nina Hartley to host the ‘Old School’ sex video.

Pornhub Old School

The activity from creative agency Officer and a Gentleman, the warped minds behind much of Pornhub’s attention-grabbing marketing content (The Drum spoke with them earlier this year), is packed as a 15-minute educational video.

It covers everything advanced-age lovers will need in their sexual toolkit and the company hopes to assumedly get some air time in retirement homes and communities across the US – it will even distribute the content on VHS and DVD to interested parties.

Corey Price, vice-president of Pornhub, said: “While the tone of the video may be light at times, the message is a serious one: The prevalence of STDs amongst seniors is a real problem and we believe prevention starts with education.

“The trick is finding a way for people to feel more comfortable in talking about these issues and that’s what we’re accomplish with this campaign.”

PornHub Advertising

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