Former TeamRock staff take Primordial Radio on the air after exceeding crowdfunding target

Rock & Metal enthusiast’s amp up Primordial Radio’s crowdfunding target

A new radio station serving British rock and metal fans has smashed its own crowd funding target of £130k after 853 enthusiastic investors weighed in to the tune of £150k.

The cash infusion will enable the radio station to crack on with its mission of marrying the freedom offered by digital streaming with the personality of radio following the collapse of TeamRock last year.

That collapse seeded the formation of Primordial with its executive team staffed entirely by individuals made redundant following TeamRock’s demise.

Primordial chief executive, Hugh ‘Moose’ Evans commented: “Traditionally, media companies garner support from industry and advertisers, build a radio station, and then search for its audience.

“We simply decided to first find the audience, ask them what they wanted, and build from there. We now have a loyal and dedicated community, have begun building the service, and are ready to introduce Primordial to the rest of the world.”

Moving forward Primordial will develop its service technology and membership platforms in order to further the wishes of its community, differentiating itself from a traditional radio station by putting its audience in the driving seat.

TeamRock radio is now back on-air itself following a buy-out by Future.

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