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EasyJet’s boss Carolyn McCall replaces Adam Crozier as ITV CEO

EasyJet’s Carolyn McCall jumps from aviation to television with ITV move

EasyJet CEO Carolyn McCall has tendered her resignation with the budget carrier to enable a move to terrestrial broadcaster ITV which is in the midst of a cost cutting drive of its own.

McCall will replace outgoing chief Adam Crozier next January. EasyJet has already launched a hunt for her successor.

The high-flying executive arrived at EasyJet in 2010 after rising to the top at Guardian Media Group where she also served as CEO but faces perhaps her biggest challenge yet in reducing ITV’s declining ad sales amidst Brexit induced turbulence, rising inflation and increased competition from cross border streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Much of the groundwork has already been laid by Crozier however, who has reduced ad sales as a proportion of overall revenue from 64% in 2010 to 47% in 2016 and McCall is no stranger to wielding the knife either.

In an official EasyJet notice McCall noted: “After seven years, the opportunity from ITV felt like the right one to take. It is a fantastic company in a dynamic and stimulating sector. EasyJet is a structural winner in a brilliant position, and I look forward to being a loyal customer in the years to come.”

McCall will remain in post at the carrier until the end of the year, commencing ITV duties on 8 January.

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