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Pandora taps Foursquare to show how digital ads impact offline behavior

Pandora is using Attribution by Foursquare.

Personalized radio service Pandora is using Attribution by Foursquare, a tool that provides real-world conversion measurement for cross-channel media, to help its advertisers better understand how their digital ads are driving foot traffic to brick-and-mortar locations.

Foursquare said Attribution by Foursquare tells advertisers about visits to stores, incremental visits, lift for a campaign, return on ad spend, incremental revenue, impressions and devices reached. It also provides audience insights like geography, age group, gender, customer loyalty and category and chain and taste affinities.

The data is derived from Foursquare’s foot traffic panel, which it said measures anonymized, aggregated trends for over 2.5 million people.

To date, Subway and Mohegan Sun have run campaigns leveraging Attribution by Foursquare to measure foot traffic impact of Pandora’s digital and streaming ads, which include audio, display, video, native ads and branded stations.

By integrating Attribution by Foursquare, Pandora has shown advertisers their ads have the potential to drive as much as 7.5% incremental visits to store locations, Foursquare said.