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‘Know where your limits are’: Exceptional Women of the World featuring Gabriella Schwarz, Flipboard


By Doug Zanger, Americas Editor

July 13, 2017 | 4 min read

As the managing editor at Flipboard, Gabriella Schwarz leads a team of news curators to feature the most important stories to the site’s readers — a role that she takes very seriously.

Gabriella Schwarz, managing editor, Flipboard

Gabriella Schwarz, managing editor, Flipboard

She says her inquisitive nature is what led her to become a journalist in the first place — logging in stops at two dissonant, yet important destinations: Fox News, then CNN, where she won an Emmy.

In our conversation at Cannes Lions, we found that curiosity is a search to find the best of people’s stories, something that inspires the Seattle native daily.

Schwarz believes strongly that the most important choice a woman can make in life is to be confident, and is something that her mother instilled in her from an early age, a powerful story on its own, which gave her the fortitude to strive and succeed. She spreads the gospel of confidence, forgiveness and self-awareness, a trait that allows for knowing one’s limits, a critical component for well-being and something that can prevent “doing things that you would later regret.”

In five years, Schwarz hopes we are talking about success – what we’ve achieved and the stories that got us there – regardless of gender.

Strongly connected to her family, she is an unabashed cheerleader for her hometown of Seattle and is quick to point out a couple of must-dos in the city — including visiting the impressive Benroya Hall, the home of classical music in the Emerald City.

In fact, the energetic Schwarz counts hearing a classical concert as another must-do for everyone, since most people aren’t as exposed to it anymore. So it’s no surprise that she plays the violin, something she’s had a great passion for after getting her first violin at the age of 4.

A fan of great quotes, cold weather, the color black and doing podcasts, Schwarz is treading an incredibly rewarding path — and contributing a great deal of meaning to not only Flipboard, but how the world views itself through the lens of quality news and content.

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Exceptional Women of the World Cannes Lions Cnn

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