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Burger King Stacker promo lends a hand to people in need

Burger King is moving away from toys and trinkets to focus on an altogether more productive bundled freebies by handing out 3D printed prosthetic limbs to those in need.

Brainchild of the creatives at David the All Hands on Flavor campaign slots into a wider bid to champion social issues as a means to elevate the burger brand, which offered its Stacker 'Atomic' five burger combo bun for sale at half price on 5 July – with 50% of sales (up to a maximum value of $200k) donated to prosthetic limb manufacturer Atomic Lab.

This largesse enabled designers to produce an additional 1,000 hands and arms, two times the number donated over the preceding three years.

Perhaps mindful of McDonald’s recent faux pas, which equated a Fillet’o’Fish burger to a bereavement salve, co-creative chief Joaquín Cubría told AdWeek: “Burger King is not playing the hero role, it’s just helping. The people in the film live normal lives - and always find a way to do what they want. They’ll accept our help, but can perfectly live without it. So, no depressing piano chords on the soundtrack, or sad stories becoming happy endings thanks to a burger.

“Like in most of these types of projects, we were ready to roll with whatever came up, letting the subjects’ personalities, quirks and indomitable spirits shine through.”

‘Stacker Day’ has become an annual institution in Argentina with hungry diners queuing round the block to get their hands on single, double, triple and quad patties layered with bacon and cheese.

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