US Creative Work of the Week: Natrol Cognium and Erin Grey help keep your mind sharp

Natrol Cognium wants you to stay sharp

Dealing with memory loss due to aging can afford a laugh, as a new campaign for Natrol Cognium proves. Created by Phelps, the 'Stay sharp, stay you' ads take a more lighthearted approach to the traditionally serious memory improvement category.

In the 30-second spot, 80s TV star Erin Grey smilingly promotes the memory enhancer as she goes about putting away what her husband misplaced, including the mobile tablet left in the fridge.

Print ads follow the same theme, with phrases like “Remember the groceries on your list – without the list” and “call your grandkids by their right names – the first time.”

For its original take on the category, readers voted this campaign our US Creative Work of the Week.

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