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July 11, 2017 | 2 min read

Hootsuite chief executive Ryan Holmes has stressed that social media is being underused as an effective sales tool, saying business leaders must consider it more in the fture.

Speaking to The Drum, Holmes highlighted the need for using appropriate language and engagement techniques in order to create a relationship with the target market without becoming overly promotional.

He also advised that authenticity was crucial in the content being created and that it was important that recipients could see that there was “a real human behind the wheel.”

Asked what he predicted would happen in social media in the future, he expected more business leaders to adopt social media despite a recent survey conducted by the social distribution platform finding that only 10% of leaders currently did use social media.

“If you look at the trend of where the world is going we are going to see more leaders who need to have this core skill and develop this core skill to be effective leaders in this new world.”

He also offered advice for business leaders on how to leverage social media and said that it was important they sought help in the beginning in order to fully understand the necessary processes.

“Once you get help you need to figure out your voice, what you’re going to be talking about who you’re going to be talking to and where you are going to be getting in touch with them – what channels? Is it going to be Twitter? Is it going to be Facebook? Is it going to be Linkedin? Is it going to be Snapchat? All of these are great channels but you have to be really strategic in how you choose your channels.”

Watch the full interview with Holmes in the video above.

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