Mazda makes your Facebook feed a car-crash in safety ad drive

Japanese auto company Mazda is experimenting with an immersive ad format on Facebook that sees an out-of-control car skeet across the newsfeed.

The ‘Distracted Driving’ campaign from BBR Saatchi & Saatchi is looking to inform Facebook users that fiddling with your phone while driving opens up a substantial risk of danger for those in – and outside – the car.

The ad, a full page screen takeover, sees a car skid across the newsfeed and supposedly crack the phone screen accompanied by the mantra 'Don’t Scroll and Drive'.

As a vertical video resembling the news feed, autoplayed by users, the car crashes across the screen.

It appears on Facebook as shown above in the following YouTube video.

Otherwise you can check out the ad on Facebook here although mobile is the optimal viewing device.

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