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Conservatives look to win back ground on social media with ‘Momentum-style action groups’

CCHQ on Twitter

The Conservative Party is looking to more effectively mobilise its followers and supporters on social media by emulating far-left organisations like Momentum.

Reeling from losing an effective majority in the recent election, a memo leaked by CCHQ and reported on by the Times said that the party is looking to “broaden its appeal” on social media, and will quadruple its staff working on the channel.

In the document, party chairman, Patrick McLoughlin said: “We have failed to win a good, solid working majority for 30 years. We need root and branch reform… to head off the threat of a hard-left Labour Party.”

He asserted that the party should also look at the effectiveness of the Vote Leaver campaign, adding they should “look to recruit the personnel who ran this very effective campaign”.

Furthermore, looking across partisan lines he added that the Tories need to embrace “new Momentum-style action groups set up around the country to galvanise the troops”.

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