Driving revenue and subscriptions through innovative email technology appeals to publishers

Publishers grappling with more traditional subscription models as a way to grow their digital revenue have long been implementing pay and registration walls.

Publications like The Boston Globe and The New Yorker have successfully acquired new readers and more subscribers through paywalls.

However, there are drawbacks to the model, particularly with distributed content platforms interfering with audience relationships.

More recently, emails service providers focusing on the publishing and media industry have been offering alternatives.

“We understand many publishers are feeling revenue pressure due to industry trends such as declining programmatic revenue, ad blocking that breaks down the publisher/audience relationship,” said Tony D’Anna, chief executive of PostUp.

PostUp has implemented email technology that retains the subscription revenue model while offering content that also allows publishers a platform for low risk experimentation and optimization.

Further, as B2B marketers have returned or tweaked their email marketing campaigns in the publishing and media industry, driving more revenue directly or capturing valuable audience data is increasingly effective along with pay and registration walls.

As the only email services provider (ESP) focused on the publishing and media industry, companies like NewBay, a leading source of information and marketing solutions to the B2B content marketing professionals, are adopting the idea. NewBay serves B2B professional and music enthusiast communities through over 35 print and digital publications, more than 35 integrated web and mobile applications, and 60 e-newsletters.

“PostUp understands our business,” said Meg Estevez, vice president of Audience Development at NewBay. “We are boosting audience growth and engagement through email content and are able to focus on invested and loyal readers.”