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RhythmOne acquires RadiumOne assets

RhythmOne acquires RadiumOne's assets

RhythmOne announced that it has acquired certain assets of RadiumOne for an undisclosed amount.

The acquisition will allow RhythmOne to gain access to customer insights, audience segmentation and targeting technology, and premium demand relationships.

“One of the biggest challenges facing advertisers today is how to leverage the rich data they get from customers throughout the buying cycle,” said Richard Nunn, chief revenue officer, RhythmOne.

“RadiumOne’s powerful data-driven marketing platform combined with RhythmOne’s massive, high-quality supply footprint will truly enable brands to develop and activate segmentation and targeting strategies based on unique consumer insights. We are also thrilled to welcome the RadiumOne team whose experience and relationships will be critical for achieving success,” he added.

“This union will allow two advertising technology leaders to create something truly differentiated in the market. The future of advertising is not about measuring impressions, but about driving real engagement. Together, RadiumOne and RhythmOne will provide insights, prediction, campaign targeting, execution and measurement that is relevant to the consumer, delivers outstanding ROAS and, crucially, results in real business outcomes for advertisers,” said Dave Zinman, chief operating officer, RadiumOne.

The acquisition will also increase the size of RhythmOne, with the addition of RadiumOne’s 200 staff, bringing RhythmOne to 525 employees globally.