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Paddy Power releases in-store faeces ad ripping Costa to pieces

Paddy Power attacks Costa

Irreverent bookmaker Paddy Power has taken a swing at a slew of coffee chains that recently scored less than admirably in recent health inspections.

The sh*t-talking bookmaker, reacting to a widely covered BBC investigation that found "off the scale” traces of faecal bacteria in iced drinks at Starbucks, Costa and Café Nero, used the news event to debase a Costa store unfortunate enough to be a neighbour with a cheeky bit of in-store advertising.

In particular, seven out of ten samples from Costa ice drinks were contaminated with fecal bacteria, sparking Paddy Power's ridiculous posters urging people passing one of its London shops ‘Don’t Gamble Next Door, We won’t shit in your coffee’.

A spokesperson from the bookmaker said: “It was obviously pretty sh*tty news to wake up to, but fortunately our marketing team were full of (coffee) beans this morning and decided to promote our free coffee in shop.”

It comes after the company riled up Convervatives and the DUP with an ad showing a same-sex kiss between Theresa May and Arlene Foster.

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