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British press backs off Paddy Power Theresa May kiss ad

Paddy Power makes hay with lip-smacking advert

Paddy Power is reveling in fresh controversy after commissioning a photoshopped image of prime minister Theresa May locking lips with DUP leader Arlene Foster outside Number 10 Downing Street.

The unlikely couple were placed front and centre of a ‘naughty’ advert/publicity stunt for the Irish betting giant, although the love wasn’t shared by the British press who refused to publish the campaign.

In a statement Paddy Power said: “This week we attempted to run an advert offer on the Conservative-DUP alliance to not survive 2017. And sadly it went almost as bad as Theresa May’s election campaign, after getting the heave-ho by not one, not two, but all of the British newspapers.”

The eye-catching piece advertised current odds on the shaky DUP-Conservative alliance clinging onto power for the duration of the year, while also poking fun at the DUP leaders hardline stance on gay marriage.

Paddy power believe there is just a 3/1 (25% chance) of the alliance holding through to 2018.

Paddy Power's penchant for mischief-making recently saw it track down Portugese sculptor Emanuel Santos, responsible for a widely derided bust of Cristiano Ronaldo, to follow up his effort with a likeness of Gareth Bale.

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