Omelet creates campaign to launch state-of-the-art pet adoption center in LA

Los Angeles agency Omelet has created the branding and campaign elements for Wallis Annenberg PetSpace, a new state-of-the-art pet adoption center and community space that opened its doors in Playa Vista, California over the weekend.

The Wallis Annenberg PetSpace is an interactive, high-tech adoption center where visitors can interact with pets and speak with on-site adoption specialists. The adoption “suites” that house the cats, dogs and rabbits feature interactive digital displays where visitors can get answers to questions about each animal and learn more about what’s needed to care for them.

Aside from the adoption center, PetSpace also provides behind-the-scenes tours of the space and offers public lectures, workshops and events for animal lovers. PetSpace has also created a Learning Institute to “encourage and facilitate interdisciplinary scholarship, high-level policy discourse, and public education on the relationship between human beings and their domestic animals,” an endeavor that will bring together experts from an array of fields including veterinary medicine, sociology, cognitive science and history.

To show off the many facets of PetSpace, Omelet was tasked with creating a 360-degree campaign to introduce the new center to residents of Los Angeles. Aside from creating PetSpace’s brand identity, the agency also worked on the center’s website and social media development, content strategy, and a campaign with digital, out-of-home and radio components.

“There’s nothing really like this in LA, and so the challenge was in helping people learn what this is all about. It was really great to be able to build that from the ground up and create that voice for them in the community,” said Kate Eglen, art director at Omelet.

Blakeley Jones, copywriter at Omelet, said that the agency wanted to make it clear to potential visitors that PetSpace is much more than a run-of-the-mill adoption center.

“In crafting our messaging to introduce this new community space to the people of Los Angeles, it was really important for us to dream beyond just pet adoption," she said. "There’s way more that you can do at PetSpace than just adopt a dog or cat. It’s also a place where you can play, learn, and grow. So [in] bringing this never-before-seen community space to the city, it was on us to create a clear and concise creative campaign that really felt authentic and embodied the mission of PetSpace and everything that it stands for.”

To bring the ethos behind PetSpace to life, Omelet worked with director Duncan Wolfe to shoot a five-part documentary series about the strong bonds that people have with their pets. One tells the story of a young wounded Marine veteran named Kionte who found hope and inspiration through his dog Koja after suffering from anxiety and PTSD.

Another features a teenage boy with special needs who finds comfort and solace in his therapy dog.

“People were very willing to share their bonds with their pets, and we found some amazing stories in doing that,” said Jones. “There’s a whole range of stories there, from every emotion; you’ve got the heartfelt, you’ve got the child who has a bond with his therapy dog, you have a woman who started a pet oxygen mask company to help save pets that are in home fires. There was a lot willing to be told and a lot that people were excited to say to us about their pets.”

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