By Kyle O'Brien, Creative Works Editor

June 26, 2017 | 2 min read

Orange is the New Black is one of Netflix’s hottest shows and a new campaign for LG Electronics takes television delivery to the next level with one of the show’s stars.

The social media campaign taps into a new breed of TV watcher born from the Netflix era – the ‘Serious Watcher.' LG has teamed with Netflix and prank director Jeff Tremaine to give #SeriousWatcher fans an experience of a lifetime through surprise deliveries of LG OLED TVs by beloved Netflix series characters.

In the first installment, they surprise an Orange Is the New Black (OITNB) fan with a special delivery from OITNB inmate Lorna Morello. Actress Yael Stone, completely in character as Morello, delivers the new LG OLED TV, shocking the fan (whose name non-coincidentally is Christopher, or “Chrisopha,” as Morello would say). Her character is obsessive to the point of creepy and Stone sells it as she asks Christopher to draw her a bath while the new TV is set up in his house – mimicking a pivotal scene from the show.

With the new LG OLED technology the serious TV watchers will now get the state-of the-art viewing experience and in the months ahead, LG will be launching a series of social activations, entertaining, rewarding and challenging the #SeriousWatcher community to prove just how serious they are in unexpected and sometimes extreme ways.

“Serious Watchers aren’t an exclusive bunch. We all have a show we’re obsessed with, like Orange is the New Black. LG wanted to connect the love we all have for these shows to the way we watch them, and remind people they owe it to themselves and the show creators to view these shows the best way possible – turning the TV itself into a badge of honor,” said Stu Mair, executive creative director at FCB New York, who worked with LG on the online video campaign.

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