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Standard Life's Euan McNair talks key recruitment trends and where the industry is heading

Euan McNair is the Talent Acquisition and Employer Brand Consultant for Standard Life.

Euan McNair is the Talent Acquisition and Employer Brand Consultant for Standard Life. His passion lies with employer brand, talent engagement, candidate experience, social media and direct sourcing.

He has worked in the recruitment industry for almost 10 years and has four years experience in agencies recruiting for Social and Health Care. Euan then moved in-house to work at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, which for him, was a career changing experience.

In his current role, he is responsible for developing Standard Life’s global talent brand and talent engagement strategies, joined with the attraction strategy for the award winning Early Careers programme.

What has been the most innovative thing you have seen from the industry this year?

I think the work with JLR and The Gorillaz is pretty innovative. Also, a real sign of a shift in our sector. We are now on TV, partnering with Grammy award winning groups…what next? There is nowhere left to hide, I like that! That is the exciting part!

What do you think are the key trends?

Technology: That is the biggest one that I can see. There is a real increase in the platforms available to us but with a multi-generational workforce with ever increasing expectations, we require a blended approach.

Employer brand: The need for dedication to this specialism is increasing. Tying this into the purpose of the organisation is paramount and again, increasing.

Diversity and inclusion: Talent Acquisition must lead the way with part of this agenda, we engage with thousands (sometimes millions) of people each month, it cannot be ignored.

Inside out approach: Storytelling, live chat, the opening up of our organisations.

What is your perspective of the industry?

It is a great industry, I love it! We are all on a journey, have different requirements, operate in different sectors. However, are we doing enough? Are we agile enough to keep up with the ever-changing environment we live our lives in? Adapt or die!

How important do you think The Drum's Recruitment Business Awards are to the industry?

Very! There is nothing wrong with a bit of friendly competition! It is also great to acknowledge the great work being done in the sector we love. They are a real opportunity to raise the profile of what we do and crucially, how our specialism has evolved.

You are judging this year's awards. What do you want to see from the entries this year?

A candidate centric approach. It is something we often verbalise but to see it demonstrated in a way that enhances their experience and creates brand ambassadors. You see it with any product, a service or offering built around customer insight or feedback, to see that deployed in our sector and well would be great to see.

Where do you see the industry going in the next 12 months?

I see there being a greater need to engage with candidates better. Time to hire is increasing, businesses need to retain top talent, so I see it becoming more difficult to attract and retain the talent required. In a way, we must use that as a positive to realign our approach, exciting times!

Euan will be a judge in the The Drum’s Recruitment Business Awards 2017. Heading into its fifteenth year, the awards seek out the very best of the recruitment industry and rewards them.

Entries for the awards close on Monday 26 June. You can enter your business now and showcase some of the fantastic work you have been doing over the past year.

Sponsors for this year's event include: Total Jobs, The Drum Jobs, TINT, The Drum RAR and The Drum Network.