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Spider-Man dangles from London’s heights in Homecoming stunt

Spider-Man above the London skyline

A daring Spider-Man has been doing the rounds in London in an attempt to get bottoms rested in cinema seats for the launch of Sony’s re-reboot of the Spider-Man series into the Marvel Cinematic Universe following lead actor Tom Holland’s warmly received debut in Captain America: Civil War.

Premier indulged in a goosebump inducing Peter Parker-style photoshoot atop London’s BT Tower and Heron Tower, topping off a tour of the capital.

Spider-Man: Homecoming stunt double Chris Silcox made the ascent wearing an authentic movie suit. Back on terrafirma he also wowed the locals with some athletic flips and trickery.

On his trip, Silcox said: “It’s been an honour to work on Spider-Man: Homecoming as Tom's stunt double. I’m proud to bring the Spidey Suit into his hometown and showcase a little of what's to come when the film is released in a few weeks. The views from London's Heron and BT Towers are spectacular and rival those of New York.”

The movie hits UK cinemas 5 July. Below are some images from the shoot.

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