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Havas and Manrose team up to prove banner ads do get clicks

Havas and Manrose smash through industry benchmarks with banner ads

Havas New Zealand and kitchen and bathroom fan brand Manrose have embarked on a digital campaign to prove that banner ads get clicks.

The digital brand campaign aligned the performance of a Manrose fan with sporting Kiwis around the world. The campaign utilises topical and current news of sporting accomplishments on the world stage to draw a parallel of Manrose being the country’s favourite fan.

Programmatic tools and creatives have enabled swift deployment of fun, patriotic, and amusing headlines drawn from the world-stage wins minutes after a Kiwi has done it.

The dynamic planning process means that if there is no relevant NZ win, budget is not wasted on eyeballs for the sake of eyeballs. Instead, the plan adapts to support smarter timings and messages that will drive a stronger market response versus standard banner campaigns.

This campaign has surged past industry averages (0.07%) with click through rates of four times the industry benchmarks. This despite being in an un-sexy category, the campaign has honed into the target audience with placements on New Zealand news and sports destinations, with the content the headline refers to.

This comes despite banner ads getting hammered for burning cash.

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