Withnail & I and Logan star Richard E. Grant on the secrets of storytelling

What’s the Story? is a storytelling video series dedicated to learning what truly makes a great story, told through the lens of the world’s talent and practitioners of the craft in entertainment, marketing and beyond.

Eclectic experiences can yield a most interesting and fascinating career. Indeed, Richard E. Grant embodies an ethos that embraces those experiences and has seen, in an array of mediums, what truly makes a great story in our latest installment of What's the Story?

Well-known for the title role in the classic Withnail & I — and most recently starring as Dr. Zander Rice in the wildly successful film, Logan — the actor, screenwriter, director and perfumier places a great premium on passion and feels that is the main trait that makes a great story.

Grant also believes that the world can sniff out inauthentic stories created “by committee" and that the stories that come from the heart and gut, including his own about Jack, the unisex fragrance he launched in 2014, are testament to a story well told.

His greatest story? Clearly from his heart — the one that spans decades about he and his wife, Aberdeen native, Joan, with whom he has been together for 35 years.

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Filmed at Advertising Week Europe

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