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Watch the Drone Racing League's London launch: ‘a science fiction movie brought to life' (with sponsorship potential)

The Drum touched down with the Drone Racing League in London to investigate the launch of the Allianz World Championship 2017 at the Alexandra Palace.

The modern sport embracing cutting edge drone tech, which is attracting sponsors and broadcasters at pace, launched its new championship yesterday (13 June).

Nick Horbaczewski, founder and chief executive, told The Drum: “Drone Racing League is a very interesting opportunity in sports sponsorship. One of the things I love about DRL is that people call it a real life video game, it is a video game or science fiction movie brought to life.

“Our race tracks are large, elaborate and thematic and we can integrate brands and sponsors in a really authentic way.”

He went on to cite the recently announced partnership with Amazon Prime Video’s show The Grand Tour, offering the show exposure and content from the tour.

Video filmed and produced by Jamie McMurray.

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