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IAB study claims over 45% of mobile ads generate consumer response

The vast majority of participants in the study claimed they recall seeing an ad served to them on a mobile device

Nearly two-thirds (63%) of smartphone users worldwide use their device every at least once every 30 minutes, according to an IAB report published today (June 13), with ad recall on such devices registered at 86% on mobile web, and 90% in-app.

The findings were released in the trade body study entitled ‘Always On – A Global Perspective of Mobile Consumer Experience’, which surveyed users across the globe and found that over a fifth (22%) tap into their phones every five minutes.

Respondents came from North and South America, Asia, Europe, and Africa with the majority of them reporting that they access the internet via mobile web and mobile apps at least once a day (mobile web – 88% and mobile apps – 84%).

Meanwhile, awareness of advertising on both mobile web and on mobile apps was high among respondents, with nearly half claiming they took action after seeing ads on such devices, with the two platforms performing similarly in generating consumer response (45% on mobile web and 47% on mobile apps).

Anna Bager, IAB, senior vice president and general manager, mobile and video, said: “These findings confirm the fact that omnipresent mobile usage is a worldwide phenomenon, which creates a tremendous opportunity for marketers.

“Digital advertising is making an impact and motivating consumers to action, whether they access the internet via the mobile web or mobile apps.”

Chris Kuist, IAB, senior vice president, research and impact, added: “While we have heard that digital technology has broken down borders, it is interesting to see real research that confirms that smartphone users around the world are in sync when it comes to mobile.

“The similarities we see in this study which persist when it comes to the ways that consumers leverage the mobile web or apps — and marketers should take notice.”

The findings were based on a 22 question survey designed and fielded by OnDevice Research in 18 markets, with more than 200 respondents participating in each geography.

The markets surveyed in the study were: Argentina; Australia; Brazil; Canada; China; Ecuador; France; Ireland; Italy; Japan; Norway; Russia; South Africa; Sweden; Turkey; UK; US; and Uruguay, between April 21 and May 8, 2017.

A full copy of the report can be downloaded for free here

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