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Placement of video ads does matter when it comes to reaching brand objectives on Twitter


By Laurie Fullerton, Freelance Writer

June 12, 2017 | 3 min read

Retention is a powerful tool when it comes to the location of video ads in the social environment for reaching a brands' objectives, with ad placement a key factor when it comes to in feed video ads on Twitter.

According to new research by MAGNA and IPG Media Lab in partnership with Twitter, best practices for "first view" (promoted video at the top of the timeline) and “standard view” (promoted video throughout the timeline), the video ads placed at top of the feed make a bigger overall impact for brands.

“We were able to determine that ad location does indeed matter when it come to reaching specific brand objectives. We were pleased to see that in-feed video ads near the top of the feed are much more powerful than website takeovers when it comes to memorability, demonstrating the power of Twitter’s first view,” said Meghann Elrhoul, head of agency research at Twitter.

The media trial looked at the responses of 3,732 individuals in both a demographic and media consumption survey. The study also looked at the reaction of consumers to brands looking at new ways to reach consumers - regardless of the location of the targeted social feed. The report suggests that upwards of 67% of respondents found that ads served to them on Twitter social feeds were not only relevant to their interests but unobtrusive and ultimately, informative.

The study also concluded that ‘takeovers’ or ads at top of the feed have a longer shelf life than ads lower down. With a premium location, takeovers tend to excel at building brand awareness and are on the screen an average of 50% more than ads lower in the feed. Additionally, takeovers outperform in social environments and are two times more memorable than similarly placed ads in a website takeover, in part because ads in a social environment feel more relevant and less intrusive to the user.

“The results of this media trail will enable brand marketers to maximize their ROI across social platforms,” said Kara Manatt, senior vice president, Intelligence Solutions Strategy at MAGNA who spearheaded the study in partnership with Twitter. “Individual experiences and interests are highly varied, and yet there are clear practices to consistently deliver premium advertisements to the right audience.”

Additionally, the report suggests that with takeovers, more people view the accompanying text because people spend more time with the video content at the top of a feed. However, posts further down are also effective with accompanying text that reinforce timely information or highlight product features.

Twitter Ads Advertising Twitter

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