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'Cor Blimey': UK newspapers react as Theresa May's snap election yields a hung parliament

'Cor Blimey' UK newspapers react as Theresa May's snap election yeilds a hung parliament

Theresa May's snap general election has resulted in a hung parliament in the UK, with no one party reaching an overall majority.

From David Dimbleby's rolling BBC coverage through to Channel 4's more jocular Paxman-fronted special it's been a busy night for reporters, and even more so for print journalists. Many newspapers have printed additional editions in the midst of the uncertainty to reflect both the early election results as well as the exit polls.

The result is a mixed bag of headlines, some featuring old pictures of a jubliant Corbyn and others a defiant May.

The Daily Mail's front splash declares the incumbent prime minister's gamble of going to the polls to have backfired, while Labour-backing red top the Mirror has gone with 'Cor Blimey' and the Sun 'Theresa Dismay'.

Scroll down to see this morning's front pages.

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