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Tennent's biggest ever campaign sees it create funny solutions to everyday problems with 'Here to Serve'

Tennent’s has long held the enviable position as a brand enshrined into Scotland’s cultural history but, not resting on its laurels, the company has created its most ambitious brand campaign to date which aims to strengthen its place in nation’s collective consciousness using activations which encapsulate the quintessential Scottish sense of humour.

From today (7 June), the ‘Here to Serve’ strapline will accompany all of Tennent’s brand activity and launches with what will be its most comprehensive marketing campaign ever.

Developed by Lucky Generals, the campaign is aiming to achieve a 65% reach for 18-24 year-old males in Scotland, while being cautious not to compromise a wider appeal.

The first activation of the campaign is centred around this weekend’s Scotland vs England World Cup qualifier at Hampden Park in Glasgow. To mark the occasion Tennent’s has created a currency exchange point, playing on the challenge Scots’ sometimes face when traveling south of the border.

The exchange point will be located in St. Luke's bar in the east end of the city and will offer to buy traveling supporters’ cash in exchange for Scottish notes. It will also hand out free pint vouchers which can be exchange at Tennent’s pubs across the city.

Come Saturday night the battle with the so-called 'auld enemy' will be over, but Tennent’s maintains its ‘Here to Serve’ tagline will continue to reside alongside its famous red ‘T’ for the foreseeable future.

Alan McGarrie, head of UK brand marketing at Tennent’s, told The Drum that with ‘Here to Serve’ the brewer is hoping to “subvert the modern marketing norm”.

“Instead of a proposition that hinges on how the consumer interacts with us, ‘Here to Serve’ focuses on how Tennent’s is prepared to go above-and-beyond for them. It’s almost like an unofficial utility for the nation," he suggested.

The strapline alone doesn’t necessarily paint the full picture of the campaign, McGarrie said it “reflects the beating heart of who we are” but for a brand like Tennent’s, the campaign has to paint it in a different light from the one which has remained fixed on it for so long.

With a history dating back to 1556 Tennent’s Wellpark brewery in Glasgow is an integral part of the the city’s landscape. McGarrie suggested this long history has allowed it to “built a level of connection with consumers that’s incomparable to almost any other brand”.

However, he recognised that this status also poses a greater creative challenge when trying to capture consumers attention.

“The flipside of that is, how do we make sure that we keep resonating with our drinkers? It’s an ongoing priority we’re never complacent about.”

‘Here to Serve’, he explained, answers that challenge by leveraging the brand’s “innate understanding of what it means to be Scottish to our advantage”.

Ultimately Tennent’s will attempt to use this part of its DNA to create imaginative, observant but always funny solutions to everyday problems.”

These solutions will include a strategic out-of-home “patter” advertising burst which will appear on sites across Central Scotland. An array of other executions are planned across consumer and customer touchpoints, including proximity advertising, guerrilla activity, advocacy networks and influencer partnerships.

Further down the line the brand has plans to reimagine the viral YouTube series ‘Will It Blend?’ with a distinct Scottish twist, calling it ‘Will it Fry?’. Other highlights include a partnership with which will begin this summer and will give away £80,000 worth of “Tap’s Aff” holidays to consumers. A new look for the brand will also be delivered through a refreshed pack design and Tennent’s unique customisable fount.

“This is an exciting moment in Tennent’s long and illustrious marketing history”, continued Alan McGarrie. “’Here to Serve’ is going to be unmissable.”

While Lucky Generals developed the Here to Serve concept it has been brought to life and rolled out by Tennent’s retained Scottish agency group: Wire, Bright Signals, D8, Multiply, Republic of Media and Badaboom.

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