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The Weather Channel comes for Trump on his Paris climate change agreement

The Weather Channel comes for Trump about his climate decision

Donald Trump announced yesterday that he would remove the US from the Paris climate change agreement. But the Weather Channel was not pleased and took their headlines to a whole new level. With ones such as “Paris Protest: A Running List of All the Public Officials Refusing to Comply With Trump’s Decision” and a photo gallery entitled, “Proof Our World Isn’t the Same as It Used to Be,” the Weather Channel made it clear where they stand.

Responses have been varied, many calling it petty, but others applauding them for standing their ground.

The Weather Channel have been advocates for understanding the effects of climate change on our climate, especially how it effects our weather. In April, they created a digital series called the “United States of Climate Change,” which looks at how climate change has effected each one of the 50 states.

This isn’t the first time that the Weather Channel took a stand on climate issues. In December 2016, they called out Breitbart News, the uber-conservative website that gives voice to alt-right concerns, as blatant climate deniers.

Breitbart had published a story, “Global Temperatures Plunge. Icy Silence from Climate Alarmists.” The story talks about the global temperature “plummeting” by one degree Celsius and that those who claimed to be alarmed by climate change (which is nearly all of the scientific community) were staying silent about it.

Weather Channel Reporter Kait Parker responded and denied the allegations.

“Last week, Breitbart-dot-com published a story claiming global warming is nothing but a scare, and global temperatures were actually falling,” Parker says in her new video retort. “The problem is, they used a completely unrelated video about La Niña with my face in it to attempt to back their point.”

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