By Doug Zanger | Americas Editor

May 31, 2017 | 3 min read

The credit conundrum can be daunting and confusing. But, Credit Karma has made great strides in helping people understand their credit, with the associated tools to make better credit a reality. Though they deal in a serious topic, a lighter touch is sometimes the best way to break through.

With that in mind, the brand released a new series of TV spots called ‘Get Knowing,’ with a humorous touch from San Francisco’s Argonaut — and has been named US Creative Work of the Week by The Drum’s readers.

“Scary Clown,” though uncomfortable for those of us (hand raised) who might have a little case of coulrophobia, shows how an improved credit score can help one purchase a new home (clown not included).

“ER” swings a patient down a hospital hall as he talks about how errors on a credit report can be damaging and how Credit Karma removed over $6bn in bogus debt (bet you didn’t know that).

Finally, “Tornado” is all about the Twister treatment, chronicling a woman who had a car loan interest rate “jacked up” but ended up refinancing with Credit Karma to save a little coin.

What’s most interesting about this campaign, aside from the fun nuggets pervasive throughout, is that it does a very good job of explaining that Credit Karma is more than just a service that spits out a number between 300 and 850. It’s a legit tool that helps consumers get a little more control of their credit — solving a problem for plenty of Americans.

And “solving problems” is what advertising is really about in the first place, right?

Credit Karma: Get Knowing by Argonaut

By Credit Karma

Overall Rating 5/5

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