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Go Outside celebrates a decade in Brazil by producing a magazine in the great outdoors

Go Outside is a magazine that brings the best of the outdoor universe to its readers, and to celebrate a decade of its publication in Brazil, it decided to live up to its own name with a special edition: The Outside Edition.

The idea for the edition was simple: produce a magazine entirely outside, at the same time and place where its articles took place. The execution, however, took much hard work and coordination.

The project took almost a year to complete and involved dozens of professionals including journalists, photographers and illustrators. The concept followed the traditional graphic design of the magazine, each page is unique. All photos were instant and chosen from more than 900 clicks. Several unique techniques of illustration and painting were used, including taking advantage of raw materials found in the midst of adventures.

More than 35,000 kilometers were traveled and 12 expeditions were made to produce this single edition. From it, an exclusive and limited edition was made on special paper, referring to the texture of the original. The special edition is being distributed to outdoor life influencers, though a digital version has been published to the general public on, with extra content for visitors.

A short video was also made to show how the process took place and the South American places the crews visited, from the parched landscape of the Atacama desert to the frigid peaks of the Andes, displaying artists using brushes, pencils and erasers, instant cameras, colored inks and pens to hand-make the issue.

The tag for the special edition is: 'Go Outside. The magazine that always had the soul outside, now has the body.'

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