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Drone entrepreneurs aim for new heights with professional new identity and website


Consortiq, one of the prominent entrepreneurial ‘disruptors’ within the drone business has just unveiled a bold new brand identity and website with its creative partner, Salad, in a bid to dominate the industry.

Similarly to Uber and Tesla, Consortiq was brought into existence by a group of extremely entrepreneurial people. Instead of specialising in one facet of unmanned solutions, the business ties a number of assets together to create one coherent package for clients. With a disruptive attitude and business strategy, Consortiq went on the search for an agency that could act as an extension of its team to design a credible and distinctive identity.

Salad competed against a number of other agencies to win a highly valuable on-going partnership contract as the business’s extended team responsible for strategy, design and marketing. The intention of the partnership is to define a coherent and credible strategic and visual brand, ultimately helping Consortiq achieve its ambitious goal to become operational in 35 countries within two and a half years.

“I was looking for an agency that was small enough to care about our business but big enough to do the substantial amount of work. The reason Salad stood head and shoulders above the rest was because they chose us with us much consideration as we chose them. For me, the greatest response was the number of people who wanted to talk to us that wouldn’t normally. At the AUVSI Xponential conference in Dallas, there was a point when all of our team were busy and the three people waiting for a chance to talk to us were from Nasa, Google and Amazon Prime Air. That’s the real win.” Said Ben Keene, director of operations at Consortiq.

Since winning the project in February, Salad has defined the strategic foundations and worked collaboratively and at a remarkable pace to develop and launch a fleshed-out visual identity, attractive suite of brand collateral and an intuitive new website. While still in its infancy, relatively speaking, the drone industry has grown at a rapid pace and now represents billions of pounds to the UK economy. Having launched at the forefront of the buzz, Consortiq have worked quickly to establish themselves as cutting edge innovators within the space.

Some of Salad’s other clients include Breeze Volkswagen, Salomon and Virginia Hayward.