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PayPal wants Pandora to pay up for its problematic P logo

Pandora and PayPal

Online payments company PayPal has filed a lawsuit claiming online radio service Pandora’s Sans Serif P logo is “unlawfully similar” to its own, a move that spells trouble for the brand’s new look.

Back in October 2016, Pandora released its new branding, a somewhat familiar blue P that went on to overlay its following creative in a visual manner, some 31 colours and numerous designs. The work was created in-house.

The PayPal logo on the other hand was unveiled in 2014, by Fuseproject.

The lawsuit was issued on Friday 19 May to a New York court, reading: “Pandora’s recent adoption of a new ‘P’ logo, which is unlawfully similar to PayPal’s logo, threatens the interests of PayPal’s customers and disrupts their user experience. PayPal brings this action to remedy the harm Pandora is causing to the PayPal user experience and the PayPal brand.”

The brand then pointed to social media posts from people allegedly confusingly opening the wrong apps on their mobiles due to the similarity of the logos. The legal action is weighted upon the fact PayPal claims that the manifestation of the problem has added friction to its customer experience.

It added: “This harm to consumers and to the PayPal brand did not have to happen. For many years, Pandora used a form of ‘P’ logo that looked nothing at all like PayPal’s.”

The case continues, read the full lawsuit here.

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