By Rebecca Stewart | Trends Editor

May 23, 2017 | 2 min read

Ice-cream maker Kelly's of Cornwall is once again returning to its roots, with its latest ads giving viewers a lesson in Cornish to help the brand build upon the success of its 2016 campaign.

Created by incumbent agency Isobel, the company is promoting its parlour range of take-home ice-cream with a series of four 20-second films teaching viewers colloquialisms from the the Cornish coast.

The 'School of Cornish' drive showcases some of the area's most picturesque landscapes and is narrated by Dawn French — one of the county's most famous residents.

Last year, the brand created the world's first ad broadcast entirely in the historical Kernewek language, which it has since credited for helping deliver 25% growth year-on-year.

Each ad in the new push centres around a different flavour in the range, and gives viewers a lesson in the native tongue, revealing that 'spenys' means 'knackered', 'tynn' translates as 'painful' and more.

From jumping into the sea to cows blocking the roads and the disaster of dropping an ice cream, each film explores what it means to be Cornish.

​"Using the Cornish language gave us remarkable cut through with our consumers so it made sense for us to build on this and continue to celebrate Cornish culture," explained Charlotte Hambling, UK head of marketing at Kelly's owner R&R Ice Cream.

"The series of films Isobel has created and the School of Cornish platform do exactly this – showing off the local area and culture to great effect."

The campaign from 2016 will run alongside the fresh initiative throughout 2017. A digital push will show consumers Kernewek phrases on-screen, as they are spoken, at the end of each scenario depicted and the brand is also running in-store, social media and trade activations.

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