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Entrepreneur Magazine's editor on why the publication is broadening its focus

Entrepreneur Magazine no longer wants to be the "nuts-and-bolts," small-business publication it was before Jason Feifer became editor-in-chief, and so the title is broadening its focus.

“Everybody now talks about being an entrepreneur because you can apply the mindset of an entrepreneur to almost anything that you do,” Feifer says, adding: "Entrepreneurs today don’t have to be the head of a company as everything is entrepreneurial now."

Speaking during an interview with Beet.TV after the magazine’s first-ever Digital Content NewFronts presentation, Feifer explained the different roles of the print publication and its digital counterpart.

The former, he says, is now more focused on "the emotional experience of entrepreneurism," whereas previously the editorial strategy sought to appeal to small businesses from venture-backed companies “to kids selling stuff on eBay.”

Feifer added that the print title is also turning the focus towards the culture of entrepreneurship, and the emotional experience of entrepreneurism. In addition, it will look at how professionals solve their problems, dig deep and find motivation.

Currently, he sees the digital version of Entrepreneur taking a different track and centering around 'how to' stories that entrepreneurs are drawn to. While the magazine "is all journalism" Feifer says the digital version will continue to offer up tips and advice as well as contributions and tips from entrepreneurs.

"We think people pick up the magazine for a jolt of inspiration and we give them stories that they can sit down and read. Digitally, readers are breaking down ideas. Looking for tips. This isn’t fluff, we are talking about real people solving real problems.”

Feifer adds that because “the world is not living with "a company town" mentality anymore, increasingly people are building their own industries, their own economies and their own worlds.

"What we think about it as not only our content, but our brand. We want people to see that we are not a small business brand. We are all now living in an entrepreneurial culture” Feifer said.