By Kyle O'Brien | Creative Works Editor

May 19, 2017 | 2 min read

GE Appliances, a year after it was acquired by Qingdao Haier (aka Haier), is rolling out its first significant branding efforts, including a new product tagline, ‘good things, for life’, and a new national ad campaign that features humorous ways to make life easier using its appliances’ connected capabilities. A nod to the company’s past (‘GE brings good things to life') and a look toward the future, the ‘good things, for life’ tagline will appear in three national TV spots, the first of which premieres during the Billboard Music Awards on May 21.

“We’ve been perceived as a trusted brand for decades, but we need to continue to stay relevant and top of mind with shoppers,” said GE Appliances chief marketing officer Rick Hasselbeck. “We believe people will connect with the refreshingly honest, real-life humor in the campaign, because, let’s face it, real life is funny.”

From a mother who is trying to pick up a baby bottle with her elbows because her hands are messy from prepping a chicken, to a woman catching her husband using a salad fork as a backscratcher, and a family gathered for a goldfish funeral, the three national TV spots, developed by BBDO, tap into real-life situations owners come across and the solutions their appliances can provide. Technology is also featured prominently throughout the campaign, including owners controlling their appliances by voice commands with Amazon’s Alexa and Echo.

“Even though these spots are humorous in nature, we wanted to reinforce our leadership position in the area of technology,” said Hasselbeck. “It’s on us to continue to make innovative products that stand the test of time and help people in their everyday lives. We take the ‘good things, for life’ tagline to heart and, much like our products, it’s one we want to endure for years to come.”

The media buy for the new campaign will air during live TV shows, including the finale of The Voice, the premiere of The Bachelorette and Dancing with the Stars.

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