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How to drive targeted marketing and higher ROI using a Data Management Platform (DMP)

Monetize your data with a DMP

Marketers are increasingly aware of the benefits data-driven marketing strategies have in driving real-time customer interactions, and a much more valuable customer engagement as a result.

In reality, marketers find it difficult to connect the dots; they collect data from different channels, website visitors, mobile app users, store visitors and call centre inquiries, but struggle to build a single customer view to do better targeting and much higher ROI. Seven in ten marketers have gaps in capabilities and effectiveness of their technology when it comes to creating a single view of the customer, according to Marketers Worldwide.

DMPs have the capability to breathe new life into the ideal of the single customer view that many marketers feel are beyond their reach. In an era when minute-by-minute campaign reporting is possible, no brand can afford not to examine its potential.

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