Renault investigates what happens ‘Behind Car Doors’ of Instagram parents

Renault has offered a candid view of how its latest Scénic model is equipped to handle the trials and tribulations of family life in ‘Behind Car Doors’, a campaign fronted by two leading Instagrammers who also happen to be parents.

MSLGroup and Publicis London enlisted Instagrammers Mother Pukka and Father of Daughters (who have a combined 700K followers) for a year-long experiment in which family interactions are recorded on dash cams and mounted cameras.

The campaign looks to show that the car has replaced the dining table for familial interactions following the fragmentation of the traditional family model and the proliferation of distracting smart devices.

Each influencer will share a monthly update from the campaign to display how the car is the centre of their family’s conversation.

Keep up with the campaign here on Renualt's YouTube hub.