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Kathy Griffin says ‘We’re full of sh*t’ in the latest ad for Squatty Potty


By Haley Velasco | Freelance journalist

May 14, 2017 | 3 min read

Kathy Griffin says Americans are “full of sh*t” in Squatty Potty’s latest campaign. In a 60-second spot featuring the stand-up comedian and actress, the message is that if people aren't using the Squatty Potty, they are missing out on an easier and healthier bathroom experience.

Kathy Griffin says, ‘We’re full of sh*t,’ in the latest for Squatty Potty

Kathy Griffin says, ‘We’re full of sh*t,’ in the latest for Squatty Potty

In the description for the video, it says: “WARNING: Kathy Griffin has a potty mouth. See her latest celebrity run-in with poop culture icon Squatty Potty.”

As the spot begins, Kathy walks down the street in the video, saying: “People, Kathy Griffin here, and I gotta tell you, we’re full of sh*t.” She continues walking and pointing out the ways we’re are full of it, including: raising our kids, engaging with our co-workers and relationships.

Then she enters a bathroom and says: “We’re full of sh*t because we go while sitting on toilets and sitting down kinks up our colon making it harder to go, which means we’re literally full of sh*t.”

Griffin shows us how Squatty Potty helps with poop posture, and then adds: “It’s like a colonic without the hose up your ass.”

"Kathy's brand of provocative humor and in-your-face delivery was a great fit for our brand. She is not only a fan of the product, she's the perfect person to tell Americans that they are literally 'full of sh*t,'" said Bobby Edwards, CEO and co-founder, Squatty Potty, in a statement. "We believe the partnership with Kathy expands on our approach to have fun, while helping educate the public about a better and healthier way to use the bathroom."

This campaign will continue through 2018.

The 60-second spot with Griffin follows Squatty Potty’s marketing efforts that include the video starring Dookie the unicorn and rainbow "ice cream," which amassed over 130 million social views, according to Squatty Potty.

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