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Mother NY has created a tool for LinkedIn that lets moms explain their resume gaps

Ahead of Mother’s Day this weekend, Mother New York has created a LinkedIn tool that gives moms a chance to explain gaps in their resume.

Since many new moms are forced to quit their jobs once they have children because of poor maternity leave policies in the US, the agency wanted to create something that would give job-hunting mothers an easy way to address work hiatuses that have cropped up throughout their careers due to child-rearing.

The result is The Pregnancy Pause, a “company” on LinkedIn that counts all moms as employees. Moms can simply add their new job as “mom” at The Pregnancy Pause to their LinkedIn Profile, and voila — resume gap gone. Moms are encouraged to add in job descriptions under their new title as well, like “designer of human life” or “hands-on experience in development.”

While the creation of The Pregnancy Pause may just be another cutesy agency marketing stunt, the hope is that it will help employers realize that taking time off from work to raise a child is a job in itself, not simply a vacation.

Last year, Mother New York celebrated Mother's Day by putting up billboards and signs around NYC that featured motherly advice and words of wisdom from their own moms.

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