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By Minda Smiley, Reporter

May 10, 2017 | 3 min read

For Mother’s Day, paper towel brand Brawny has rolled out a spot that features clips of footage that were all shot by toddlers wearing Snapchat Spectacles.

The spot, created by agency Cutwater and directed by Karen X, aims to show what day-to-day life is like from the perspective of a child. As the Spectacle-wearing toddlers spill milk, knock down books, destroy toilet paper rolls and scrape their legs, their moms never fail to drop whatever they’re doing to help save the day — all moments that drive home the point that mothers are there for their children through thick and thin.

The short film also fits in nicely with Brawny’s ‘Stay Giant’ tagline, since the mothers in the film appear to be giantlike while hovering over their children. Brawny launched ‘Stay Giant’ in late 2015 to reposition the brand as one that celebrates the toughness and resilience in everyday people and recognizes them for how they’re overcoming life’s challenges.

According to Cutwater, four real mothers and their children were chosen from more than 40 applicants to star in the ‘Once a Mother, Always a Giant’ Mother’s Day campaign. The ad is comprised of actual moments in their lives that were captured via Spectacles. A behind-the-scenes video shows how Karen X went about directing the spot.

“The campaign was inspired not only from the 'Stay Giant' brand positioning, but also from role that women play in our lives and in society. Motherhood in particular can be a challenging time, and we wanted to highlight the strength and resilience that women have during this period through the perspective of their children. 'Once a mother, always a giant' seemed like a simple way to articulate this point of view, while celebrating women for the strong and resilient people they are,” said Chuck McBride, chief creative officer of Cutwater, in a statement.

Since launching ‘Stay Giant,’ Brawny has made a point to champion women through its campaign efforts. For the past two years, the Georgia-Pacific brand has celebrated International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month through its “Strengh Has No Gender” campaign, which tells stories of women who have succeeded in professions that are traditionally dominated by males. During the month of March this year, the brand replaced its iconic “Brawny Man” with a woman.

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