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Citi gets Katy Perry on board for its Double Cash card promos

Credit card giant Citi has had plenty of success with its Double Cash ads. It’s “Date” ad, where two people after a date are honestly saying that they will ignore each other’s attempts to reconnect, is particularly humorous. More TV spots and digital creative highlighting the disparity between what people say and what they actually mean through every day scenarios has connected with consumers, even winning a 2017 Effie Award.

The campaign positioned Citi Double Cash as a card that is straightforward. The tag asking; “Wouldn’t it be great if everyone said what they meant?” reinforces the card’s cash back offering of 1% unlimited on purchases and another 1% as cardmembers pay for those purchases.

Now, pop superstar Katy Perry is on board to help promote the card with a new TV spot. The first spot, launching today (May 8), will feature Perry in rehearsal for an upcoming show in which she asks her creative director, “Are those the pyrotechnics that are going to startle me from a distance?”, to which he responds “Yup.” She continues, “And my impractical wardrobe changes, those all set?” He responds, “Not even close.”

Said Perry in a release: “I'm all about not mincing my words, so I'm excited to be teaming up with Citi for this hilarious new campaign! I'm super pleased Nugget (her dog) finally gets to be on TV too!".

The TV spots will be appearing across an array of networks including ESPN, USA, E!, Discovery, Lifetime, HGTV, FX, and AMC during popular programs such as The Bachelorette, Dancing with the Stars, Billboard Music Awards and others.

“Today, consumers have a heightened desire for a more emotional, authentic dialogue with brands. Through the Double Cash campaign, we’re striving for that dialogue with consumers through humor and relatable situations that highlight the common disparity between what people say and what they mean,” said Jennifer Breithaupt, global consumer chief marketing officer, Citi. “For the next series in the campaign, Katy was the ideal choice as she herself is so refreshingly authentic, which is precisely what we’re trying to convey with the Citi Double Cash Card.”

With global media agency partner, Publicis Groupe, Citi will continue to launch new creative spots during May, including one later this month featuring the dog, Nugget.

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